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Dudutki – one of the most visited art Museum of Belarus, Museum of Skansen, where You will find amazing journey: the serious tour with a frivolous adventure with a tasting of moonshine, riding a horse...

And start Your amazing journey with a visit to Belarus ' only operating windmill then You will visit a pottery workshop, where you will see the wizard with a Potter's wheel and admire the exhibits of the Museum of ceramics. In the ancient forge of the 19th century in the workshop of the carpenter's art, in the bakery You will learn the secrets of craftsmanship; the Museum of vintage cars restored ZIM, Willis, VW beetle, Fiat Topolino, Chrysler, Horch, Ganomak, Seagull... You will visit the ethnographic gallery with an exhibition of household items of the 18th and early 20th centuries, in the stable with Orlov trotters, ponies, a donkey.... And everywhere You will find an interactive action – everything you can touch, try, feel.


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